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Originally Posted by blackberryphone View Post
5770 is a pretty elite videocard wait for good 4k without breaking a sweat.
I place the order for the new Nvidia Shiled2 TV box, should be here in a week or so, in at the $300 deal from Amazon. It's supposed be be able to do 4K UHD (10 bit) h265 in the mean time throwing caution to the wind, I tried to update but comes back as updated as I can get is what I got now. Overclocked the computer, and the gfx card and most is well. Configured Kodi to use MPC-hc for h265, 1080p and it's pretty smooth.

The kicker is a buddy visited with an Asus Aviva 2 core and I helped him with the Kodi install, it ran not sure how well on the heavy stuff basically 100% CPU but he had dual boot with Mint, Kodi install with the same video was 35% CPU!

So how do I turn off the AMD notification for new update, when they're not going to support this card anymore?

Happy 2017 if you can believe it...
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