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Joystick But Passive DisplayPort Adapters are in ATI's Validated Dongles list

I'm still a little confused.
If passive DisplayPort adapters can't generate a needed signal, how did several passive adapters end up on ATI's Validated Dongles list?

It would be lovely to be able to pick up an approved adapter from Amazon for under $25 and then add a little something to get the free shipping...

I was happy to find the list, but how is it to be used? Are the passives only useful for the Eyefinity 6 boards (which supposedly come with passive adapters)?

And the wording on the dongle page suggests that you could use 2 DVI monitors in a dual-display Eyefinity setup. It makes it sound like you only need an active adapter or native DisplayPort monitor to step up to three screens. (Playing a game with a big swath of bezel right down the center sort of kills the dual screen option, but it is "technically" an option...)
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