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Originally Posted by Sazar View Post
I messed around with my iPhone 4 earlier and I am just shocked at how archaic and retarded the operating system truly was.

Honestly, if not for the app's and the marketing, the device would have devolved to the bottom of the heap waaaay long ago.

It was hard for me to see the difference previously, using the Android and Windows Mobile devices I did for moments at a time. At least that's the way it seems. I have helped a few colleagues setup their iPhone 5's at work, my brother just got a GS3, but neither of these devices hold a candle to the OS that Microsoft has put together. The hardware is also pretty amazing but the OS, the smoothness and functionality, night and day difference.

And how the heck did we survive on that ridiculously tiny screen? Why oh why did Apple stop innovating?

Microsoft needs to spend some serious time with the app developers to get their store going. Developers for iOS definitely have a long head start, Android devs are closing in. Few apps for Microsoft's OS are clearly ahead in terms of overall features, besides the native ones and Nokia's select few.

The 3'rd party items aren't too far behind but there is definitely polish missing from some of the pretenders.
If an Apple user/fan would write something like this but in a pro-Apple sense, it would be a shitstorm in here
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