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This is not really a mod, it's a bunch of commands that let you change your race, appearance, and respec your perks mid game. (some might call it cheating, I call it the ability to try different builds without creating a new character.

make sure you do this on a sepeate save game incase you mess something up.

In console type:
CHANGE RACE - player.setrace "race name" (no quotes)
when you change your race all your stats and skills stay exactly the same, the only thing that changes is race bonus and power, so a Breton would get Dragonskin, and 25% magic resistance

CHANGE APPEARANCE - showracemenu
important: don't change the race from this menu or your skills and attributes will get reset
a character creation menu pops up press the ~ key to be able to change your appearance but not race.

PERK ID - help "perk name" ID - (perk name in quotes ID without quotes)

REMOVE PERK - player.removeperk ID
after you remove a perk it does not get refunded to you, you will need to re-assign perks to different skills using the addperk command so remember haw many perks you removed if you want to re-assign the same amount to different skills

ADD PERK - player.addperk ID
note you can add individual perks without needing to have the previous perks, for example If you went with light armor crafting but also want to craft the best weapons you can add the Daedric Smithing perk by itself.

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