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Originally Posted by spindoctor View Post
leave your current squad. then highlight the squad you want to join and a tiny join button shows up at the bottom.
There are just some things about the menus and key bindings that just not user freindly.

I was flying jets last night and apparently when you use the joystick hat to look around in free look mode, it won't take any other input from the joystick so the plane flies in a straight line while I'm trying too look around. That is bad if there's someone on my tail.

Also, I can't fly helicopters and then switch to planes without having to change the control inversion. If I don't change I'll pull back on the joystick and the helo will nose dive while in a jet it's fine an the jet flies up. I've got a Microsoft sidewinder so it is an older unsupported joystick but really, Is it that hard to make the input be consistent. Some of these things might work with better more intuitive menus or ways to bind things, but as it is now, it's frustrating trying to set up even basic controls.

The ground combat so far has been a blast though and there is so much to learn. It's deffinately not a game where you can hop in and succeed without some teamwork or knowledge of the map and objectives.
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