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Flyordie can beat 'Minesweeper' on any difficultyFlyordie can beat 'Minesweeper' on any difficulty


I'm coming for you Turbo!

Also, I learned that on FX-8xxx series CPUs, its not a good idea to have more than 6 threads going on CPU stuff. Even if the CPU isn't at 100% load.. the FPUs are pushing it. It kicked my output down about 50-60K PPD adding a single CPU thread.

Anyone else here running an RX Vega?

What are your GPU usages at when running [email protected]?

Also... My HBM2 does 1100. lol. Been slowly ramping it up over the past few days. Soon as I cross 1100, my SoC clock jumps to 1,207Mhz. So the SoC on Vega must feed the HBM2.
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