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Originally Posted by Flyordie View Post
Well, Kill-A-Watt tells me I am pulling around 365W (after 10m, when the HDDs drop into power saving mode) at the wall with my FX-8320 @ 4.0Ghz (1.308V) folding with 6 threads and the Vega card running at 1,800Mhz @ 1.150V. Plan on adding a 7th thread soon to the CPU side. The only reason I kept the CPU at 6 was because Nvidia GPUs require more CPU usage than AMD/ATI GPUs. Like right now, the GPU slot is pulling 2-3% CPU usage. So, will probably add a single thread later this week.
Awesome! With my 1070 rig I have two threads set aside, one for the GPU and one for OS (doing that is debatable, but the CPU is only an i3, and testing having 2 or 3 threads available for CPU folding resulted in slightly higher output from the GPU when I had a spare thread available for the OS). Nvidia cards will always use 100% of a thread as it uses a loop to continually check the GPU tasks - AMD uses interrupts. Pros and cons to both approaches.

Originally Posted by Flyordie View Post
VRM temps after I started cooling the back of the mainboard with a small low RPM fan dropped from 85-90C to 55-60C. Case manufacturers have a MAJOR opportunity there when it comes to directing some air behind the mainboard to help cool the VRMs.
I think many mobo/case manufacturers are still stuck in the mindset that mobo components are cooled by the CPU HSF fan, which won't work if your CPU is on water That's a great idea! I employ a 40mm fan in one of my micro rigs for a similar purpose.

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