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You'll see hit and miss points as I try and find a stable middle ground for my Vega card. Tried 1,800Mhz @ 1.100V today. Seems it only got 1 or 2 Work Units in. Honestly, I dislike how it handles its voltages. I want it to hit 1800Mhz and HOLD 1.100V while its working. Instead, it holds 1800Mhz and the voltages fluctuate based on load. Voltage goes up as load goes up but in that transition, it crashes. If it would hold that 1.100V, it'd be stable as can be.

At 1800Mhz with 1.1V it pulls 148-155W while running [email protected]

Ok, I am back to producing a bit. 1.185V @ 1,800Mhz is where its 100% stable. lol.
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