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Originally Posted by Razeus View Post
And I think that's the issue and why Samsung is spending so much on their marketing getting the name "Galaxy S" in people's minds. This go around, it seem they were hyping their "S" features way more than normal. Isn't Samsung working on their own OS called Tinzen that's based on Linux? isn't that why Google is a bit worried on Samsung having so much market share. I think Samsung using Android is simply buying them time until Tinzen is finished and getting a dedicated fanbase for the Galaxy S products, then dropped Android all together. Pretty clever, but we'll see how it plays out.
samsung products are really not that bad to be honest, people are buying it over all other android phone does have its own reason.
once their product is not as good as the competitor, we will switch.
we as a customer are not stupid.

fanbase is not able to get you to top with crappy product, look at the ps2 and ps3... once the change is not what buyer wanted, they will no longer be dominated..

well nokia and blackberry are a good example..
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