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Takezo is still being judged by the masses


Sony and Microsoft don't like to take risks. Why do you think they focus on mainly graphics and Multimedia. Because they og according to fads and popular intrest. Well thats all good, however you need a samll company to create the fad first. Everything that is a fad was once a niche at one point.

Basicaly Sony an Microsoft let small compaies whose sole survival relies on innovation to do the dirty work for them, then copy it with just enough diffrence to call it their own. PC enthusiasts know that Microsoft is the best at ripping off ideas in the PC software world.

I have never heard of the Pelecan PSone tilt (it's not motion sensing, just tilt sensing) controller before, probably because it never took off. This is because games were not designed with tilt sensor in mind.

PS3 contollers is the same way. It ust a gimmic, because only a hand full of games will actualy use it. Nintendo Wii, will have majority of it's games utillizing the Wii-mote.

Microsoft knows that Ninteno's plan very well, but MS has decided to attack core gamers, while let Nintendo niche market grow into a new fad. After that MS will try to improve on Nintendo's newly created fad and make it their own. That has been how Microsoft worked since they became an empire.

Sony has this lead only because they stole it right from under Ninterndo. With stiffer competion this time around will Sony retain it's undispued champion of video game titles or will it fall to the combined efforts of innovation and an evil empire.
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