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Originally Posted by crash override View Post
BTW, I'm trying to get a better source, but I was told that Sony clarified for a couple reporters some things about the used game policy.

They stated on stage, "We won't impose any restrictions on PS4 used games."

The clarification is that while Sony won't impose any restrictions that publishers could still impose restrictions, via the use of a 'used games pass' and that it's in the hands of the developers.

This would put them in a similar scenario to the Xbox One.

I'm guessing it's likely bull, but I'm seeing if I can get anyone that I know really well at E3 with any of the big publishers to clarify that for me, since I figured it will be a point of interest.
Publishers being dicks is different than Sony/MS being dicks. Sony left it to publishers so that they can be the ones to slit their own throats or not but the likelihood that no publisher would be stupid enough to do that on a console where competition for shelf space is pretty damn fierce.
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