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Default still too large AVI-files

ok, so I use the MS MPEG4v3 codec
set at 100% crispness, 10 keyframe interval and 6000 kbps

I capture with MMC7.2 at 320*240 25 fps, 44khz 16 bit audio and get roughly a 60 MB file for 5 minutes
then I compress the audio using the Lame MPE3 codec at 128 kbps
and then I get a 20 MB AVI file as the result, and the quality isn't even that great (very avarage half-ass DVD-rip)
with WMA for DivX v2 audio codec the file gets down to 12 MBs at 64kbps 44khz but I can't hear any sound at all
same thing if I use the MS WMA audio codec v2, no sound

but still, the main problem is that the videofiles get too large
I can get

oops, just realised that I'm capturing a 5 minute AVI, not 1 minute hehehehe
that's pretty good 175 minutes on one 700 MB cd or 300 minutes if I manage to get that damn WMA for DivX v2 working, maybe the codec isn't registered properly for decoding just encoding?

ehh, is my math right
5 minutes is 12 MBs
700 Mbs divided by 12 Mbs is ~58, ~58 times 5 is 291
12 divided by 5 is 2.4, 700 Mbs divided by 2.4 is 291
damn I've always had an A in maths now I can't even get this right(?)

well that's freakking great, but the video isn't that great, maybe I should up the resolution?

and if anyone has a solution for WMA for DivX or the ordinary WMA codec I'd be greatful

well, enough ranting
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