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Originally Posted by John C Flett View Post
It's interesting you both say Robo Recall as the videos I've seen only use standing gameplay. I don't actually see players taking advantage of roomscale.
Originally Posted by Nagorak View Post
I think the problem in general is that once you have to teleport or slide, it's no longer really worth walking around in your play space. You may make small adjustments here and there to reach stuff or back off from enemies, but for the most part you'll just teleport or slide around.
It's a totally different game in a large play space. You start to use your feet for the smaller movements during combat, weaving between robots as you play. Teleportation is only used for larger movements (like moving between sections of the level), and also as a strategic super power that you can use to get the drop on enemies.

Not having to use the teleporter for smaller combat movements really completes the sense of immersion. You don't realize how much the teleportation takes you out of the experience until you try it in a large play space.

I've said before many times, but I really want them to expand the maximum guardian size. It's currently ~30'x30'... but would be amazing if it could fill an indoor basketball court.
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