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This looks like it’s kind of similar to what Greykey had except packaged up to be portable. The reason you’d want a portable version is that as far as I know you need the USB port open for the crack to work and since 11.4.1 the port is disabled automatically after an hour with no use or unlocks. That means if you arrest someone and want to access their phone you have to use the kit ASAP on site. It also makes the kit more usable for thieves though.

I’m still ok using Apple Pay though. My phone only has an encrypted alias of my card so even if it got hacked I’d only need to revoke the alias and not cancel my card and get a new one.

I think the primary market for thieves here is going to be wiping phones for resale and maybe stealing passwords/accounts. ATM skimmers are probably still more lucrative and easy to build/buy than these kits, at least for now.
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