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Originally Posted by Flyordie View Post
I'm coming for you Turbo!

Also, I learned that on FX-8xxx series CPUs, its not a good idea to have more than 6 threads going on CPU stuff. Even if the CPU isn't at 100% load.. the FPUs are pushing it. It kicked my output down about 50-60K PPD adding a single CPU thread.

Anyone else here running an RX Vega?

What are your GPU usages at when running [email protected]?

Also... My HBM2 does 1100. lol. Been slowly ramping it up over the past few days. Soon as I cross 1100, my SoC clock jumps to 1,207Mhz. So the SoC on Vega must feed the HBM2.
I fold on a 1070, but in general I leave one thread for GPU and then one for misc. It does depend on the hardware though... I also have a R9 Nano which folds sometimes (like tonight since it's cold and my apartment heater stopped working), and I find that Nano's output is cut in half if I CPU fold on even 2 of 4 threads (so no CPU folding while the GPU is active).

My 1070 is overclocked, and I find that folding doesn't benefit much from memory clock as it does for core clock. Some WUs seemed to have no benefit from the memory being overclocked. So I'd focus more on core and save the energy usage from overclocked memory.

Btw, your card I've seen for over $2k now. Crazy times!

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