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Originally Posted by Cartel View Post
"maligned Vista"

Windows 7 is Vista.

Only diffence is, things that you had to "tweak" yourself, are already tweaked.

I see no difference from the 2 OS, besides the task bar.
If you ask me, it is Vista but not the "rushed out the door" version.

Never the less, I'lll buy it.

Also ATI removed the ability to install the AGP Hotfix on Windows 7 from 9.3.
Hope they realease a Windows 7 AGP hotfix, or I'll be stuck at 9.2.......but that's ok cause I got a 4870 comming.
Originally Posted by AlexV View Post
Yes, very much so.
The biggest change that I like about W7 is the OSX type taskbar. I always liked in OSX how the links could be at the bottom and program status could be viewed by looking at the link instead of needing a whole other tab. For example, if you are copying a large file, you can easily see the file progress just by glancing at the link at the bottom. It is pretty great, and one of the biggest things I missed from Leopard.
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