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well, i've installed the Client version on both of my machines here, i hope it's workin now, i am also runnin Electron Microscope and it says Team Rage3D on it, so i guess we'll find out. a question though?? i'm not sure what this Electron Microscope program is suppose to do, if the DOS box says Finished a Frame (1), then EM says 1% and if 2, 2%, so what's the big deal? what else can this thing do? am i missing something??

oh yea, i just checked the client.cfg and all info is correct now, (it has the e-mail thingy) thanks for the help guys~!

nevermind about the first part of this post, i get it now, i understand the whole EM thing, i guess i missed the Frame Comlete box which monitors each frame's progress.
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