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Default Sound Setup for PS3 based music/movie setup...

Hello all

At present I'm using my Creative gigaworks T60's as my sound setup, which I'm pretty happy with. i use it for listening to music and movies from the PS3 (CDs, DVD Blue Ray). I'm only really interested in stereo output.

All I'm after is good sound quality for my music, a wireless remote to change the volume while watching a movie without having to get up and lots of inputs, ideally digital (might as well)

I've toyed with buying an analog stereo amp (most movies I watch are slow and 'boring', I don't really give two ****s about high def audio - what good is it for? explosions and helicopters?) and some decent speakers (probably a low end Cambridge setup).

Then I considered getting a whole receiver (denon, yamaha, pioneer etc) with digital whosits coming out the whatnow, but I don't need HDMI passthrough, digital display, dolby digital 47.0. So that seems like a waste of time.

Last option considered is something like the Logitech Z-5500's. They seem to have all the features, but im not convinced that they are worth using to fill a room, and i don't want a sub - I will be living in an apartment or similar in future.

I'm leaning towards the analog option, but all my sources are digital so it seems a waste? Are there other options im just not seeing?

/Edit also want 3.5mm line in for mp3 players and whatnot as well as analog inputs for LP players or other archaic type things.
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