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First of all, I suggest using Filemon from for troubleshooting apps that spawn errors since programmers/Microsoft like to cover-up any errors with any meaning. I had to use filemon for the problem described in this thread regarding
failed to initialize
when running MMC's TV app.

I usually reload PC before installing new hardware so I am not going to get into complaints about having to start from scratch with ATI products which seems to be the common complaint with AIWs and in particular the new HDTV Wonder. I just think this is best practice especially when even after fresh load problems occur; therefore, fresh load eliminates other things from equation you can fail to calculate.

Anyway, I started off with WinXP Pro SP2 with a Nvidia 5200 FX card (latest Nvidia drivers, not Microsoft). In addition, I installed DirectX 9.0c and .Net 1.1 w/ SP. I then downloaded all updates for HDTV Wonder from ATI site which has been described before. Next, I installed the DAO / MDAC, HDTV WONDER Drivers, and TV Decoder (you need to make sure you have original CD for Decoder). I took the time at this point to make an image of my system partition. If you have time and like to save time in future, this is a good point to do so before loading MMC. I wasn't sure what steps I would be taking to eliminate errors with MMC so I wanted to start from square one with MMC during trial and error stages of troubleshooting.

Now, after all that I was ready to install latest MMC. I installed all components and rebooted. After reboot, I ran into problem of TV app not starting up and giving the infamous
failed to initialize
error. At this point, I used Filemon as described above. I started it up before running TV app again and as soon as error popped up I told Filemon to stop capturing events. I immediately found problem TV app was experiencing since it was not able to find three particular files. These files seem to be the key to solving all my problems and hopefully some of yours as well.

The following files were not found by TV app:

These files were on my PC but not located in any of the environment paths TV app was looking in. I had these files in my %SystemRoot%\system32\drivers which was not where I found them on another PC of mine. They seem to be expected to be in your %SystemRoot%\system32 directory.

Therefore, I simply restored my backup image on PC and added the %SystemRoot%\system32\drivers to my environment path. Then installed MMC; again, since I do not have that included with my backup image. This is the point after a final reboot I crossed my fingers...

Sure enough, I now have a completely working HDTV Wonder card and system just in time to record Vick and the Falcons game at 1pm EST.

Hope this helps!

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