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Thanks for your reply, EYE4LYFE.

I'm a partner in an electronics design company. My Desktops are kind of unique. They are custom
designed and built in my shop.

Each Desktop has five internal drives. They are all optically switched by a circuit board I designed.
By switching each drive in or out of the system, I can create any possible RAID configuration, or they
can function as isolated drives.

I use words like "disposable" or "virtual" because everyone understands those terms. My "virtual
system" is just a clone of the "real" system, but it's completely isolated by optical switching.

EYE4LYFE, I have reservations about Catalyst software. I refrained from googling about problems
with Catalyst, because I didn't want to read negative comments. Well, last night I did perform a few
Google searches. On another forum there is a fifteen page thread about Catalyst not installing and
CCC suddenly not working. A good summary of posts on that other forum is "try this, it worked for
me!" When I read that sort of thing, my brain shuts down.

The question is, should I devote many hours trying to figure out why Catalyst won't install? I have
to think about this for a couple of days.
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