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ATI Technologies Catalyst software will not install - Tried a few solutions

Hello. I'm the new guy here.

For several decades I've been involved with electronics and computing. I've got three
Desktops at home, built by me. The monitors were getting old, so I selected ViewSonic
as replacements.

I had an old copy of Catalyst Control Center that stopped working. Didn't need it with my
old monitors, so it was removed with Revo Uninstaller. My new ViewSonic monitors need
Catalyst to function properly.

I've got two dozen system backups and I try everything with a disposable (virtual) operating

I wanted to start with a clean slate, so I used DDU (Display Driver Uninstaller) from Safe Mode.
After launching the Catalyst installer, I selected "uninstall" to make sure all files from the old
version of Catalyst were gone. The uninstaller found nothing from the old version.

The contents of the SFX is extracted to C:\AMD and C:\Program Files. Why this redundancy I don't
know. The installer runs normally, from beginning to end. It seems to be installing the Catalyst
apps, but nothing happens!

I downloaded new, not so new, and older versions of Catalyst. In each case, the installer does
not install anything. I extracted the contents of the SFX packages manually with 7-Zip, and ran the
Setup.exe file. Again, nothing is installed.

If I cannot resolve this problem, my only option is the replace the AMD graphics cards with Nvidia
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