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For anyone who doesn't already know or found this thread in a Google search, the Rage Fury MAXX card CANNOT be used in AFR mode with Win2K/XP. It's not an ATi driver issue, it's the way that NT5 based OS's handle drivers. Trying to get these to work in AFR mode would require a complete rewrite of the way Windows 2k/XP handles drivers. Win 9x/ME OS's allow the switching between the two GPU's on the AGP bus but 2k/XP do not. The best you're going to do with the MAXX on these Windows versions is single GPU operation which means a huge performance hit. You may as well go with an early GeForce or Radeon for your vintage 2k/XP gaming rig and put the MAXX in a 9x based machine that can use it because you probably won't like how your games perform with a single Rage 128 Pro. (I'm assuming higher performance is the reason you bought the MAXX in the first place, right?) I post this information here because from time to time I still see people who recently acquired one of these cards asking the question about getting it to work under 2k/XP and the short answer is that you can't, not as a dual GPU card at least, and if you're going to run it as a single GPU card, there's better alternatives available that will run your older games faster under 2k/XP.

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