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Originally posted by nutcrackr
That's really quite interesting actually, because as I was playing ThiefS I kept thinking gee Splinter Cell does this much better in terms of tension and stealth. I'll admit that I've only played the demo but I'd much rather get Splinter Cell than this. Although it isn't a bad game certainly I just can't really get into it. I see Thief's model as poor stiff jittery things far worse than Splinter Cell's. I would also take Splinter Cell's graphics anyday of the week over Thief's. I guess it just didn't float my boat.
The animation in Splinter Cell is piss poor and doesn't even string together well (models frequently revert to a default pose before executing an animation). The AI is very obviously governed by waypoints (and my gripe here is that the waypoints ARE obvious - most games use waypoints for AI). Not to mention I once went backwards through a level in Pandora Tomorrow and discovered that all the AI's had been disabled (because I was supposed to complete the mission, I guess) - Very polished for a game that supposedly has high production values. Then you have Sam Fisher moving gracefully during FMV's but in a very clunky fashion during gameplay - the only decent animation in that game is Sam's creeping one. And of course you have a bright 3rd person model that apparently no one can see which really kills the immersion. Plus the models in Splinter Cell are all fairly low-poly, you just can't get close enough to them to appreciate it because you're forced into 3rd person. And all the shadows in Splinter Cell are done with shadow maps which don't look nearly as good as the dynamic lights of Thief3.

Honestly, Splinter Cell feels so patched together and mediocre it seems more like something a decent mod team could cook up rather than a professional game. I honestly cannot fathom why it's given so much credit - it's a very slipshod piece of work.

If you honestly think Splinter Cell is better, well then I guess you must look at games differently than I do. I would only recommend that you play through Thief3 up to the Shalebridge Cradle and be sure to use first person to see if your opinion changes. And play on Hard at least - normal really is too easy.

edit: Oh, and just to stay on topic as opposed to spouting anti-SC diatribe, everyone should go and sign this:

Sorry if it's already been posted.

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