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Well I caved in to the pressure and got the game...

The gameplay is right on the spot. Really sweet. It could really use a texture upgrade, but the normal mapping is very good done so it actually works with lower res...

The only problem:
HORRENDOUS performance (didnt show half as much in the demo). I mean, its near unplayable at times for gods sake (below 10 fps), and its not exactly rare... Worse than DXIW ever was.

I'm running on a 2400+ and 9700 Pro, 12x10 without FSAA and about 70-80% settings in all areas, vsync off, bloom on (I like it). 16xAF is on though, but that shouldnt pull it down badly, should it? Or does T3 suffer the same issue as Halo, with half the performance just a notch higher resolution (maybe I should try 10x7, but I got an LCD and like the 12x10 or 12x9 res)? Or are the Omega 4.4 drivers funky?

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