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On the topic of battery tips and management:

I'm a serial charger, my phone is probably plugged into the charger most of the days at work, from 8-5.

When I'm at home and relaxing on the sofa, again, you'll most likely find my phone plugged into the charger.

Or when I'm in the car, again, it's charging away.
Likewise, at night, it's plugged in and charging its way to 100% until I unplug in the morning.

I always like to have my battery charged/topped off, in the off-chance that I won't be near a charger for some prolonged time, be it an emergency scenario or otherwise -- knowing that I'm at 100% instead of 15-50% is a much more comforting thought.

And in the 13 months now that I've owned my Note 8, I can't say that battery performance has been markedly compromised, certainly not enough to worry about how I charge, when I charge, did I charge too much, too little -- I just plug it in and unplug it whenever I feel like it.

And according to AccuBattery, my Battery Health (in terms of current capacity / original) = 92%, which I say bears out in real life usage.

All of this to say, I think you guys are making too much of big deal out of nothing/User battery management.
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