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Originally Posted by FuryX View Post
Finished the single player campaign!
It's pretty, it's fun, it's good, but I must say what I noticed most is how horribly designed the Hard difficulty is. It's ridiculously stupid how many times you'll die of scripted events, surprise kills, one shot deaths, and silly tricks. I'll probably replay the game on Easy through the weekend or something, just to have fun in the campaign!

(Wait, there's multiplayer as well? )
i thought it was just me. i often notice nothing firing at friendlies, but the second i pop my head up to look around, i get my face taken off. it's super annoying.

multiplayer has been fun, but i utterly despise metro as a conquest map. every time i've played it in that mode, it's been nothing more than an RPG/M67 spamfest. yuck. tehran highway seems to choke every server i've played it on - lots of warping around the map, rubberbanding, running in place, etc.
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