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Does anyone have any pictures of the MR9700 or MR9800 256 mb cards?
How much better/faster does a 256mb MR9700/9800 run compared to the M10?
Would a MR9800 256mb that comes with a Dell laptop be the same size/shape?
I am trying to find out if I can slap a new Video card in this beast.
I know that my Laptop comes with a MR9700 now so it seems that if I could get my hands on one that I could put it in, and unlikely that they changed the shape of the card.
Anyone know where I can buy just the Moblie Card from besides Sager?

Sager 5690
15.4 UXGA 1600x1200
P4 3gig HT (800MHz FSB)
1gig DDR PC3200 [Expandable to 2048 MB]
Ati MR9600 Pro 128mb ~ 128 bit
60gig HD 7200 RPM
WiFi b/g
Dual Batteries 1xSwapDrive
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