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well there's actually a lot of these kind of games now...

cliff empire, a cheapo city builder

foundation, a medieval city builder, on early access

kingdom and castles, city builder + combat element like stronghold

there are billions, survival tower defense + rts + rpg

surviving mars, martian city builder

northgard, viking age of mythology like rts

banished, medieval survival city builder like frostpunk

ancestors legacy, a medieval CoH, not to much depth in this one though

cossacks 3

syrian warfare, hardcore tactical rts like men of war but in syrian war, this one is very deep in the tactical mechanics... but it has not so high production quality -aka low budget indie, from russia nonetheless - so it's not as polished as MoW/CoH/WiC

wargame red dragon, the last iteration of wargame series

zero-k, a literally free to play supreme commander/ashes of the singularity "clone"

if you want management sim games there are games like factorio, 2.0 hospital, planet coaster, rise of industry, etc... there are a lot of these games nowdays, there's still plenty if you want to include RTS grand strategy, TBS, etc...
I guess it's the trend nowdays with games; either you are a hardcore PC GAME, or you live long enough to see yourself become a console port

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