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Default ATI x1950 catalyst control center with cyberlink power cinema 4.0 need software help

looking for some help here.

my tv is hooked up to s-video and the computer is on clone mode. when i run the power cinema program the video is not on the whole page, its zoomed in to far. i have messed with the theater mode settings and had no results also the tv resolution is locked and wont change. when i change the computer to extended desktop and adjust the tv resolution i can make the power cinema program proper size on the tv but that involves dragging the program over to the next screen. because i have a remote control for this program, it ruins the whole purpose of being lazy. my question is, is there a way to start the program so it automatically starts on the extended desktop or is there a way to have the comp on clone mode and have the the full pic on the tv. i might add that when i use VLC (video lan controller) and the comp is on clone mode the pic is full screen on the tv. this problem is just with the cyberlink power cinema program.

thanks alot for helping im really stuck here
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