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Originally Posted by Exposed View Post
There is no amount of spin that will make 32" 1080p screen remotely equivalent to a 65" 4k screen. Not even in terms of jaggies. You have two people here with essentially that same setup (myself and Overclockin), our eyes do not deceive us. Jaggies are more apparent on the smaller screen with 1080p than it is on the bigger 4k screen, regardless of pixel density. You can't sweep resolution clarity under the rug like that.
Jesus. So, having two screens next to each other, a 32.5' 1080p and 4k 65" - same pixel size, same distance - displaying a black cable line with a blue sky as a background, the latter has it less aliased why exactly? Because of "resolution clarity"? What precisely do you mean saying that and what does it even have to do with aliasing?

Let's ask nVidia then:,distUnit:in

"The perceived 'visual density' of the screen, and thus the amount of anti-aliasing possibly needed to make computer graphics look convincing and smooth is dependent on the pixel density of the screen (the 'ppi) and the distance to the user's eyes".

Seems they sweep "resolution clarity" under the rug as well.

You have to increase resolution without linear increase in size to benefit from high res when it comes to anti-aliasing. No spin required, just basic logic.

As for technical overview and ghosting, I posted an extensive one from a dev in my post to SirPauly, above the one I'm addressing right now.

Not touching the rest of the post now, I'm in the mountains, soon to go up and can''t keep draining the battery, will read and adress when I'm back.
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