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Originally Posted by Ziklitschli View Post
This has nothing to do with what I wrote though. I didn't say a word about clarity or detail where 4k is obviously miles ahead, I told you specifically about eliminating jaggies. And yes that is exactly dependent on pixel pitch and the distance to the screen.
There is no amount of spin that will make 32" 1080p screen remotely equivalent to a 65" 4k screen. Not even in terms of jaggies. You have two people here with essentially that same setup (myself and Overclockin), our eyes do not deceive us. Jaggies are more apparent on the smaller screen with 1080p than it is on the bigger 4k screen, regardless of pixel density. You can't sweep resolution clarity under the rug like that.


And no, while I don't have a 4k screen, I've tested smaller 4k ones than yours at similar distance and ogssaa x2 + x2 is not that effective even on geometry to alone solve the aliasing to perfection as you describe, looks good but surely not perfect.
I don't know what you mean by "perfect". Nothing's perfect. What I see for myself is more than good enough. Now, it also depends on the game, but anyone here with a 4k screen (regardless of size) will tell you the demand for AA is less. There's no need for 8x AA at 4k, or even 4x AA. Whatever game I run, I run with what AA modes are available to get that "perfect" picture quality (to me), and to me that means elliminating glaring jaggies, glaring shimmering, etc..

In recent games TXAA/TAA with a sharpening filter does an excellent job with minimal performance cost. Why would I want to run SSAA at 4k and suffer a huge performance penalty, when 4k at higher end settings is demanding enough as it is? Especially when newer AA modes does the job of removing jaggies and shimmering just fine?


TAA ghosting, I don't have the game but just a quick google shows me multiple threads about TAA ghosting in RDR 2, like this one:

and a screenshot, can't check what it really shows though on a phone

Sure it's mostly steam or reddit heh but the effect plagues most games with TAA, especially the plain one.

Here's a pic showing it in BFV, not sure what platform but surely none fixes TAA in multiplatforms for the PC heh.

It's a low quality AA solution, I really respect how good it is at resolving aliasing but the issues are glaring atm.
Sorry I just don't see it. I spent days upon days tweaking Red Dead Redemption 2 to find a perfect balance between peformance and visual quality, with and without TAA. Never have i noticed "ghosting" with TAA when switching back and forth with it on/off.

Many of those reddit users also are playing at a lower resolution, which may show this ghosting artifact more apparent. Also hard to take some of those posts at face value when they have motion blur on. Also one of those posts claimed ghosting is reduced the higher the resolution you go. So this sounds like console peasant problems to me (no offense).

Rather than a handful of reddit users, if you can give a more technical overview of TAA and ghosting from one of the upper tier sites like Digital Foundry or Hardware Unboxed, I can take a look.


It's the least disgusting one heh. But indeed, in some games I leave it on, either when it's obviously the part of art direction and not just slapped on or it's used to hide an ugly background. But I veer towards turning it off because there are a lot of blurring factors in nowadays graphics and in the end I'm not into concussed and drunken myopia simulators.
Freestyle sharpening removes TAA blur in RDR2 quite well. I got it to the point where texture clarity is as good with TAA off, with no artifacts and with all the benefits of removing aliasing/shimmering.
Originally Posted by Jay20016
But hey, let us not forget that while you bemoan about how Hollywood is bending over backwards for that market, you're also asking them to simultaneously consider the 'delicate' sensibilities of those state side who need to see a flag plastered all over the place like some Michael Bay movie barfed into another equally worse Michael Bay movie that then **** into the mouth of the team who designs the Call of Duty campaigns with all of their red, white and blue awesomeness with such an overly large boner for America that one does not need to actually 'fly' to the moon, they simply could tight rope on top if it. And if you're concerned about whether or not that penis is strong enough to be load bearing for such a journey, you forget that what fills all of those engorged crevices is freedom.
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