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Angry FireGL 7800 - Where to find product support?

I'm the owner of a Thinkpad A31p geared with a FireGL 7800. I'm damning to find how to enable Hardware Overlay Planes (Does them exist?) and i've tried to ask IBM and ATI. The first has answered about Overlay Tab (the one relative to movies playback overlay nahh..) the second has answered telling they don't support any mobility product! THIS IS CRAZY!
I've paid the difference between a RADEON 7500 based notebook sure to find Certified OpenGL drivers (WHERE?)(has they still promise) and till now haven't found any way to enable OpenGL proof settings!

Who to ask for? This is a really embarassing situation for both IBM and ATI.

If u produce a gfx chip and u let me fill support queries about this product u can't say after u don't support it!

Here what ATI SAYS:
Thank you for your email.

Unfortunately, ATi FireGL Support cannot provide software or technical
support for the Mobility FireGL series. The manufacturer of the notebook
system that contains the chip provides all support for it. I would advise
you to contact IBM for all software and hardware-related problems.

Many apologies that I cannot help.

Please do not change the subject field of this message

David Jørgensen

Drivers and technical support at
Find out more about ATI:

-----Original Message-----
From: [email protected] [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: 09 July 2002 08:05
To: [email protected]
Subject: _FireGL

---Product details---

_Product: Mobility RADEON 7800
_Operating_System: Windows_2000
_Bus_Type: _NULL


_Tech_or_sales: _FireGL
_Application: other

---Personal Information---

_FirstName: XXXXXX
_LastName: XXXXXX
_PhoneNumber: ext:
_State: _Other
_Country: XXXXXX
_UserType: Hardware Reseller
_Market: animation


I've got a FIREGL 7800 on a Thinkpad A31p (my drivers rev is 7.72 from ibm),
and i want to use it with ALIAS StudioTools. I need to enable OPENGL
hardware overlay planes, but i don't know how to do it via software drivers
or via regedit. Is my chip enabled to manage HARDWARE OVERLAY PLANES?
Can i use your radeon drivers on FireGL 7800? Please contact me, DON'T SEND


Please contact me if u have got same problems.

P.S. (The following message appears also in Radeon 7500 - Radeon support board! Please be patient!)
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