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Originally Posted by theshadowcult View Post
Really don't think steam has to do anything at all.

As for exclusives, the way epic is doing it, absolutely is bad for the customer, there is a big difference from ea/ubisoft/etc games being exclusive on their own stores to starting a console war on pc.
If the higher-ups at Steam aren't on Orange Alert right now then they are stupid.

Epic exclusives aren't bad for the customer at all.
In this particular case the normies who do not care what launcher they have to use very much have it right, as this doesn't hurt us and so shouldn't concern us.

This is capitalism working as intended; big publishers competing with each other to guarantee game delivery to the consumer by offering a hand-up to the developer.

The only cardinal sin being committed here is that the elite PC gamer enthusiast is being inconvenienced.

Originally Posted by theshadowcult View Post
While PS and Microbox definitely buy out games and publish them often enough, its only a portion of the exclusives. the majority of exclusives on consoles are not owned by either company. They do the exact thing that epic is doing. Paying a substantial fee to convince other publishers or indie devs to release solely on their console.
If the situation is to be compared to console wars, then it's definitely taking all the best parts of it without being held back by the bad ones like being forced to buy an entirely new device to have access to all the games out there.

Hell, aren't some console exclusives now planning a PC release thanks to Epic throwing money their way, exactly how Sony and Microsoft do for their respective platforms?
And all we as the consumer has to do is install a different launcher.

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