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Originally Posted by pax View Post
We got the impression from a few vega reviews that there were bottlenecks in gaming... I remember it being talked out in general but it wasnt investigated in depth nor did we find out how bad it was. But seems we left about 50% if not more perf on the table just due to the architecture. a 4096 shader part with 256 text units shouldve been a lot faster. I thought it was the 64 rops at the time and we were losing maybe 10-15% but the 5700XT seems to say its other things... cache maybe I dunno...
Yeah AMD should hang their head in shame with Vega. Crap hardware and even worse drivers. By all accounts the 5700 drivers are abysmal too so no lessons learned there. I haven't updated my drivers since the new Adrenalin came out as the fan curve is a POS. If AMD didn't have Zen they'd be totally screwed.
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