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Originally Posted by theshadowcult View Post
I have never encountered this issue, so maybe it is a packet loss issue or something on your end? You can check if you have packet loss with any servers, by either waiting a couple minutes on the splash screen for a new option to pop up, or waiting on the character screen long enough to disconnect from being afk. There should now be a third option on the splash screen showing servers.

You can actually fool people into thinking you have dived down into one area, but then actually turn around and chase unnoticed. The dive mechanic isnt especially reality based. You can dive pretty low, gain a lot of speed, and then cruise for a long time on a more or less horizontal path before the game forces you to start going down again. There is also another method which stops you seeing people, where people will jump out right away, but just cruise slowly and watch everyone else dive, then when someone goes off by them selves, and are far enough away, they will dive properly and land near them. Then the hunt is on. I've seen both of these methods first hand.

On another note too, im pretty sure the smoke disappears once people reach a certain distance from the ground, before the characters start their fall animation, so its possible they are doing that, and then cruising horizontally in your direction again?

It's not packet loss, it's happening to all 3 of us in the group, one of which is my son's friend who is on a completely different internet provider/network. I get what you are saying, but it happens to often to be anything you mentioned.

I do suspect it has something to do with the net code, but it is game/server side, or the connection of other players. As there are discussions and articles out there talking about players differences in latency/ping and how they affect the experience. Most of them have come to the conclusion that low ping players are at a disadvantage in APEX vs higher ping players. We get 25 to 40 ms in the game, which is consistent with all other games we play, and no packet loss. (I would be pissed if it was packet loss with the connection I have an the price I pay for it)

Originally Posted by theshadowcult View Post
Finally saw the thing you were talking about now. You are right, its a hack
I didn't see your next response till I typed the above.

If it is a hack, I hope they find a way to put an end to it. If it is net code, or how they handle latency compensation, I hope they get it fixed.
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