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I picked up a few items at California Extreme today. Funny that this event is the same weekend as Classic Game Fest. I think I recall something similar last year as well. Anyways, California Extreme has more vendors every year, but it's not a giant shopping event. The big one I go to each year is Portland, which I think is more similar to Classic Game Fest. California Extreme is mostly just a giant arcade party.

I've picked up a spare n64 power supply for a couple bucks a few years back, so I've been waiting to find a good deal on an n64 missing the power brick. Got this one for $15.

The GameBoy sound isn't working, but I have another unit with working sound but a broken screen... I can combine them into one good working unit. Still I should have haggled instead of paying the sticker price.

I was considering picking up an Atari 5200 and a few games for $75... it'll prolly still be there tomorrow, I expect. But I'm really on the fence about the 5200. Also saw a Vita for $130, but it had a few scratches on the screen and it's a bit pricey.
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