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Was posting a quote in another thread, but it should also be here to give us BF3'ers more hope.

This is EA's CEO pumping everyone MORE about BF3, also admitting MoH reboots sucked balls! (but maybe hints at it becoming an annual franchise for revenue generation? Also this ties in with EA's recent announcement of a new MoH game)


"I've made no excuse for the reality that I want market leadership in the first-person shooter game business," he said. "In many ways I feel that we created the first mass market first-person shooter with Medal of Honor and unfortunately with the transition to the PS3 era we lost that. We're after it now.

"There's a great thing about an annual franchise, whether it's us or our competition; when you've got that annual franchise it's a meal ticket, it can generate a great deal of income.

"One of the problems with an annual franchise is you don't take the time to reengineer the underlying codebase so that it's as 'next-generation' as it can be," he added.

"We think there's a window of opportunity here. We've been investing for three years to build Battlefield 3. I think it will stand up as the best product in the industry this year... and we're going dead at 'em."

BF3 has taken ~3 years. That's a nice development cycle. Also theyre on Forstbite 2.0 now, they know the engine, adapted it and made it better. This game needs to be GOTY for both us and EA.

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