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Originally Posted by the_mup View Post
I only get this when I try to overclock my cards and in crossfire mode. I can overclock each card by itself perfectly.

Another funny thing vista does is tell me that the program i just closed has stopped responding. rofl
Seeing how sensitive Vista is with regards to video cards and it's TDR design, that's not a surprise! The surprise is that this happens with cards at stock speeds!!! Look through the links provided in my original post.

I think its a coding issue between the video card drivers, DX10, and Vista's TDR design. Look at the stats I gathered from Microsoft, and you'll see that this issue (under Vista) occurs in all sorts of environments...not just gaming.

Top user activities triggering GPU hang detection:
Other interactive apps – 38%
Desktop refresh – 30%
Games – 19%
Video playback – 11%
Benchmarking apps – 2%

Again, these stats are just from Vista!
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