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Originally Posted by nanohead View Post
Sounds way too familiar to me. I had exactly the same issue with X64/SP1 and Crysis. A couple of other games too (Bioshock, Prey), but not Source powered games (Half Life, Portal,etc).

I solved it by installing 32bit Vista, after trying EVERYTHING known the human and alien races. DirectX updates, Driver updates, OS reloads (over and over), 1 GPU, 2, and 3. Nothing fixed it. I tried Crysis with Patch 1.1, and 1.2. I swapped hard disks, CPUs, memory. Even motherboards. No worky...

I'm convinced that there is some deep problem with Crysis in general. There are consistent problems with that game and lots O' folks computers.

I also had other issues with 64Bit Vista as well, lots of things not working right (sound drivers come to mind), as well as several other pieces of software.

While I really liked the stability of Vista 64, it had too many violent reactions with too many games. Might be the Cats, might be Microsoft's silly kernel "protection" routines, could be the compatibility stuff built in to handle 32 bit code, could be Elvis from the afterlife with Bigfoot. Who knows.

For now at least, I'm having a stable time with 32bit Vista
Well I ran Vista 32bit and had the recovering GPU problems, even with Steam games. Did a fresh upgrade to 64bit and the problem is still there. I did however find that the GPU errors are less frequent with all the desktop eye candy turned off. Yeah I know most of you probably do this anyway, but I've never done it till now, even when I first played the HL2 series games.

As for Crysis, I haven't gotten the game yet so I can't speak on its issues.
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