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Default Breakdown of TDR crashes.

Found some more interesting information on the TDR crashes. What’s even more interesting is the pie chart breakdown on the causes of those crashes. I’ve provided the numbers here for you and listed them from the highest to lowest percentages.

Top user activities triggering GPU hang detection:
Other interactive apps – 38%
Desktop refresh – 30%
Games – 19%
Video playback – 11%
Benchmarking apps – 2%

This information is compiled from Microsoft’s OCA (Online Crash Analysis) data for Window Vista – (Those error boxes that ask if you want to submit to Microsoft )

Of the 5 categories, gaming comes in 3rd. That was surprises to me, as I’ve never had a GPU crash with anything other then games.

If you want to read the entire text document, you can download it from here "GPU Hang Detection and Recovery", its short reading.
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