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Originally Posted by Gerard View Post
Doesn't even support Eyefinity resolutions which obviously needs multi gpu for the most part for it to be feasible. Nice...I suppose we Eyefinity users will have to wait even longer for a driver.
Though this driver shows real promise, we must point out that AMD’s frame pacing mechanism is still a work in progress. Here’s what AMD had to say about the Catalyst 13.8 betas:
•This phase 1 only, in which we’re addressing DX10 and 11 apps, resolutions up to, including 2560x1600
•For Phase 2, we’ll be addressing resolutions above 2560x1600, DX9 and OpenGL apps
•This feature is turned on by default in the driver, but you have the ability to turn it on and off, on a per-application basis
•This driver has full support now for OpenGL 4.3 feature set and has support for UCPs and CAPs

While the Catalyst 13.8 beta drives don’t address every game across any possible resolution, they should help the vast majority of the market, running a single monitor at a resolution up to and including 2560x1600. DirectX 9 support would be nice, but since they’re typically less taxing, they’re not likely to be GPU bound on a higher-end CrossFire setup, so the benefits of enabling frame pacing are less impactful.
Hothardware link

So Eyefinity will come later. Probably likely will be in 13.8 Beta 2.

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