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I'm really contemplating getting a Switch now.

Was at Dave & Busters for the nephew's birthday (he's freaking 3 years old already.... wtf ) and they had the arcade version of it that he loved. Being the great uncle that I am, I of course had to intentionally get him into first just to blue shell him a few times.......

But, the more I see of the new Zelda and Smash brother games I sort of want to get one...

The only real question is; how durable are they? I don't think I'd let him have it as a full fledged portable mode, so just on the dock, but.... if he were to drop it, is it a goner like a phone now a days or are they a bit more tough?

Is it necessary to have the pro controller if it is docked? There are some bundles with it that aren't too terrible of a price with games so I'm wondering if it is worth it.

Digital vs. Cart - is it easier one way or the other? I know its got room for microSD, and would probably throw a fairly sizable card in, but if it was only a handful of games (Smash, Kart, Zelda, maybe Mario, etc.) would it be necessary?

Either way, talk me in to it or out of it, as I'm not sure I really need it, but it'd be fun to play with the little bugger.
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