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Originally Posted by Trunks0 View Post
The 24 player limit has to be the biggest let down of 1943. I'm sure that will be changeable on PC, but the maps will be designed for the smaller player count .

I also hope they don't nerf how the planes handle. There is little reason to given that all the console players will have analog control. However, I'm just not that confident in EA/Dice.

p.s. Not to mention the BS health regen system

I agree about the 24 player limit.

Planes need to be equal...that is all i ask. You have to have the ability to kill one from the ground. Maybe its not realistic, but its a video game. The most frustrating part of BF2 was being constantly raped by aircraft and not being able to do anything about it (if the pilot had the slightest amount of skill.)

Since I'm a ground pounder, I don't really care how the planes handle...just as long as they don't rape face.

From the BF bad company multiplayer trailer, it looked like the BF2 style medic. Then again it was only a short clip, but health regen sounds kinda lame. I always enjoyed running around spamming med packs.
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