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Originally Posted by Exposed View Post
Precisely, I never understood the pixel density argument when what you should be looking at is really resolution clarity. Yes, the former has an influence on the latter, but it is not the only factor.

This couldn't be more "clear" (pun intended) in this demonstration:

Regardless of what screen size, what pixel density, how far away or close you look at the left HD side, whatever you do it will never approach the clarity of that 4k image.
Originally Posted by Exposed View Post
If you're trying to say that by pixel pitch alone that a 65 inch 4k screen has the same visual fidelity as a 32" 1080p screen then I'm afraid you've discredited your entire argument, because that's absurd. Plenty of others here with a big screen at 4k that will tell you otherwise. I myself have a 27 inch 1080p office screen and my 65" 4k LG has far better pixel clarity at 4-5 feet running the same game. My favorite example is Witcher 3 gwent cards. So much more razor sharp details in the card backgrounds that you can see at 4k that is simply not visible at 1080p.

This has nothing to do with what I wrote though. I didn't say a word about clarity or detail where 4k is obviously miles ahead, I told you specifically about eliminating jaggies. And yes that is exactly dependent on pixel pitch and the distance to the screen.

And no, while I don't have a 4k screen, I've tested smaller 4k ones than yours at similar distance and ogssaa x2 + x2 is not that effective even on geometry to alone solve the aliasing to perfection as you describe, looks good but surely not perfect.

Originally Posted by Exposed View Post
What is this ghosting you are referring to? I've never witnessed any kind of ghosting in any game I used TAA with. That includes Far Cry 5 and more recently Red Dead Redemption 2.
TAA ghosting, I don't have the game but just a quick google shows me multiple threads about TAA ghosting in RDR 2, like this one:

and a screenshot, can't check what it really shows though on a phone

Sure it's mostly steam or reddit heh but the effect plagues most games with TAA, especially the plain one.

Here's a pic showing it in BFV, not sure what platform but surely none fixes TAA in multiplatforms for the PC heh.

It's a low quality AA solution, I really respect how good it is at resolving aliasing but the issues are glaring atm.

Originally Posted by Exposed View Post
And what you got against depth of field? It's a cool ass effect in cool ass games, yo.
It's the least disgusting one heh. But indeed, in some games I leave it on, either when it's obviously the part of art direction and not just slapped on or it's used to hide an ugly background. But I veer towards turning it off because there are a lot of blurring factors in nowadays graphics and in the end I'm not into concussed and drunken myopia simulators.
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