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Default Help with bridged router

Hi Guys,

I just set up a refurb Linkys EA6400 in the bedroom & set it to bridge mode. The router passes ethernet just fine, but the wifi is not working.

I have it set to broadcast both the 2.4Ghz "n" & 5Ghz "ac" networks, but my laptop only sees the 2.4. It can still see the weaker 5Ghz "ac" network from the main router across the house.

When I navigate to the connectivity page, it has the 5Ghz channels in the 2.4 section, and no options to choose from in the 5Ghz section (see pics)

When I try to connect to the visible 2.4 network, it just tells me my password is incorrect.

Do I have a dud router or am I missing something?

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