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Originally Posted by 0091/2 View Post
I know that. 660 looked more appealing to me. I did my math for ballpark figures. I didn't care for the mins. My point was to show an hour of improvement. Well actually 53mins over the s9+ in the video.

From the video
Samsung note 9
4:28 [268/3500 = 13.06] [13.05*5 = 1h 5m]
S9+ lead 12m over the note 9.

Phone arena battery test shows an hour gain I expected.
Note 9 efficiency isn't as bad tom's review make it too be.
Tom's accuracy is waaaayyyyyyyyyyyy off. I suspect it's their janky testing methodology.
Your math is flawed as you are trying to use numbers from lower level devices to calculate the power draw of the note 9, which you can't do, because it won't give you an accurate result. And then you try to use numbers from the video to calculate battery life, which is also inaccurate. (read on)

We now have 3 sources ALL with difference results. One has it lasting 1hr 20 minutes longer than the s9+, the other showing it to be only 51 minutes and Tom's showing it to be 18 minutes longer than the s9+.

What it comes down to is how they test their phones.. Tom's does it by continuous web-surfing over T-Mobile’s LTE network until the phone dies, one continuous power draw with little fluctuation.

The video you linked and took your numbers from is not even close to accruate (which means your calculations are not accurate as well) because their testing method is seriously flawed. Not to mention other things noticeable in the video that invalidate the results.

Phone arena doesn't explain how they test, other than proprietary method. But since their tests show nearly 3 hours of less battery life across all of the phones, I suspect they are using similar testing as in the video, but just using beefier applications and games to test with, so they will not be accurate as well.

Tom's method, which is taking just one application (web browser) that the phones other specs has little influence on except the screen size, and web surfing till the battery dies is the most accurate of all as it keeps the power draw consistent. Running a catalog of applications and games till the battery dies is NO indication of battery life, because there are to many influences based on each phones specs outside the battery that can and will skew the results when going from one application/game to another (not to mention the testers influence in switching from application to application), which makes the power draw inconstant and creates fluctuations that differ on each phone invalidating any results you get.
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