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Originally Posted by JohnEJohn View Post
I'm kinda getting back on track thanks

She kept me going for 3 weeks on Skype talking for several hours per day whilst she 'sorted her head out' then 10 days ago told me it was over again... I knew it would end that way but what can you do lol, at least looking back on it I can say that I tried.

A few days back it was her birthday which was a little hard.

Settled into my parents new house now and have a few projects I'm working on whilst looking for the idea job if it crops up but giving myself until Christmas to see if I can make it alone.

Created a few websites for cash just to keep off the boredom and met with an old friend who wants me to set up a shop as he has a chain but I'm not interested as it's not the direction I wish to go in. Created a website for his cousin for free as it may come in handy as she's a venture capitalist and it just so happens that I may need some funding soon for one of my projects, it's funny how life works out some times.

I'm also now off the booze and started a good diet and exercise regime and I'm traveling to Bristol over the next few weeks as there's a load of app developers seminars which I'm getting free of charge courtesy of my old professor.

Trying to keep myself occupied as much as possible, also cannot wait until I can move out..... I have been independent for years and it's very odd going back home.... although it's nice to have Sunday dinner cooked for you
That worked for me after some time to. Some times it takes some really hard times to learn who is really there for you. Took me about a year to get through all this.
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