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Originally Posted by Hapatingjaky View Post
Dude, I'm 31 living in my parents basement, I have no one. My ex left me last September, showed up on my doorstep and told me my job wasn't good enough, my home wasn't good enough and left. She never even had a job nor a home to live in. I work for an asshole who constantly blames me for **** that goes wrong even when I am not there. People at work get a kick out of it so they say I was the one that screwed something up just so they can see him yell at me, I can't trust anyone there. My best bud now lives and works 600KM away and I might see him once a month. My brother and sister inlaw are constantly out of money, never hear from them unless something is needed. Sometimes I have to call them just to get them to talk with my mom and stepfather. Last night I took my stepfather to the Eskimo's game, bought two tickets and asked for seating in the handicap area's as my stepfather has an old football injury and he requires a cane, they sat us 10 rows back from the field, we had to walk down 30 stairs to get to our seats and walk back up, he's in huge pain and we left at half because he couldn't go down and backup again. All the weight that I lost 2 years ago I put back on, can't make the gym since I work so much, constantly stressed out to the point of a nervous break down.

But you want to know what I do? I deal with it, the best I can. I get up every morning regardless if I don't want to, go to work and come home after 14 hours, make dinner sometimes do the yard work if I couldn't do it during the weekend as I am working then as well, watch some TV, put up with KAC hitting on me and go to bed and do it all over again the next morning.

So what I can suggest, do what you want to do, from the sounds of it you tried to change who you are and you should never do that for any bitch. She can't accept you for who you are then **** her, she'll degrade and bring down the next guy, and the next guy and the next guy. And while she's doing that, you'll be living the high life, you'll have someone a lot better in your life. Hell mother****er, you were the one that found M4trix's info for me so I could call his dumbass and make sure he was still alive so just look at his situation.

You'll survive this, just like the rest of us have I assure you.

Now I am gonna go find something on TV as its a Saturday night and I have no one either, maybe I'll download some porn, go to 7/11 grab some chips and some peanut butter cups and enjoy my weekend. Hell maybe I'll even get that third 780 tomorrow that I keep telling everyone I am going to get but never do.
And thanks for making the call
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