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I havent gotten anything yet.
I'm doing my research on this stuff before I get a new card.
I've been reading about these 9800's being able to run as fast as a 9800 Pro but havent seen any reviews warning not to get a SE card.
Theres a bunch of reveiws out there like this one that say how great the standard 9800 is and they overclock nicely 9800 Pro speeds so you would just assume you could go out and buy a 9800 and you would be good to go.
Even when they run down the chips specs of the available ATI chips right now I havent seen anyone mention the 9800 chip with the 4 pipe lines.
Id like to see these reviews edited saying "watch out and not get a SE"
I found out about the SE from all places
The reviews of the Saphire Atlantis there have most people hating it saying its a slow card which is because there almost all SE's now.
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