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metroidfox can beat 'Minesweeper' on any difficultymetroidfox can beat 'Minesweeper' on any difficulty


I'm using a TS-PC racer + the rest of the Thrustmaster accessories. Wheel-wise, this should be equivalent to the Fanatec belt-driven stuff.

I understand that moving to higher end equipment implies more tinkering. But I also understand that you need to put in more of these hints yourself. I want to limit my expenditure until it is somehow justified, or if this becomes serious enough.

As far as I understand, even the more serious sims like Assetto/iRacing don't have dedicated signals for motion or even brakes. So even if I theoretically had a direct-drive wheel + hydraulic pedals + a shaker + a head clamp, their input signals would be tied to sound, or steering output. Other than maybe direct drive, seems pointless to me at this stage.

In fact, I know I have the same problem in Assetto. Was using worse gear though.

I guess I'm asking for strategies on adding these hints within my existing setup prior to hitting F1, there must be more that I should be able to tune-in. I know a bunch of you race on here, so figured it was worth asking.

As a side note, if various drivers like Lando Norris could get away with a relatively basic setup, there must be more calibration work I'm missing. Unfortunately I don't know any of these people. You guys are my first step.
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